Our commercial activities serve as both pilot and pathfinder for addressing the three key socio-economic issues of our generation:

Public Health and Wellbeing
Pollution and Air Quality Control
Sustainable Employability

Everything we do and the profits we make all go back in to our delivery of meaningful social returns on investment (SRoI), True Social Value. That can be support-needs, activities, events, and day to day resources. It also extends out across our network; our clients such as Norwich City Council report that for every £1 they spend with us they can see a £6 return and Interserve report an even more impressive £8 return.

Secondly, we are creating income and back to work opportunities through urban greening as an employability framework. We are the final stage of the recovery cycle for our clients so finding practical way to return the protectors of our society back in to society is crucial to who we are and what we do.

As if that wasn’t enough, we also champion the collection and sharing of real-world data and experience to provide foundations for our own Social Value outcomes and contribute to the wider collective knowledge pool; enabling a greater application of urban greening principles, know-how and solutions.

And last, but certainly not least, we have formed amazing relationships with several of the biggest manufacturers in the urban greening market. With their support and alignment in skills, experience and values we can bring you the very best project rates, across various system options, along with plenty of local supplier involvement.

Proud to be Partners: