Digby Chacksfield


Digby’s career has spanned multiple sectors; education, arts and culture and urban regeneration, and he is at the forefront of the design and delivery of entrepreneur learning & development in the UK. He currently leads the Eastern Enterprise Hub and School for Social Entrepreneurs East as Chief Executive Officer.

Digby believes that setting up an enterprise should be seen in the same light as getting a job and he wants everyone in the East of England, regardless of age and background, to have the opportunity to set up and lead a business or social venture. He has been instrumental in the transformation and setting up of a number of charitable organisations and social enterprises as well as running his own business as a freelance specialist.

He is passionate about the transformative potential of social enterprise and is very proud to be a Non-Executive Director on the board of Both Mow & Grow and The Grow Organisation.

Why Digby joined the board:

“ Because I want to support these two fabulous organisations. They epitomise the potential for social enterprise to self sustain, compete with private companies and have the potential to ‘disrupt’ the market place which in turn can create positive social change. Both Mow and Grow are the embodiment of a whole organisation commitment to their mission. The passion to help vulnerable people pours forth from the CEO to the people delivering top quality grounds services. If you want to see a positive vision for the future look at Mow and Grow, better still commission them.”