Alexandra Cosgrove

Director and Chief Executive

Alex is a driven and visionary entrepreneur committed to developing sustainable solutions and creating positive change in society.

She is responsible for strategic leadership, direction, and brand development and has a diverse and extensive range of creative industry and business development experience.

Alex has the confidence to represent and advocate for people who feel they have no voice at both strategic levels of government and local business and a proven track record of company establishment, change management and direction. She successfully facilitated and led the organisation culture shift from a franchise model and transformed the Mow & Grow model from part funded to a commercial operation.

Alex believes in second chances and is passionate about working in partnership to create better communities.

“I am a changemaker. Being able to translate grass roots feedback into innovative practice is enormously rewarding. You can’t make people change but you can provide the tools for them to alter behaviour and improve situations themselves. I love nothing more than discovering hidden talents and unlocking potential in both myself and others.”

In addition to leading both organisations Alex holds an open door policy for staff and volunteers, hosts best practice visits, is an RSA Fellow, a Trustee for Living Wage Norwich and acts in an advisory role for other Social Enterprises and local community groups.