It’s All Go! Newsletter 2019

It’s All Go! Newsletter 2019

It’s All GO!

Welcome to 2019 Hubsters, we hope you’ve had a great Christmas, with a lot of fun seeing out 2018!

For us here at the Hub, the last 6 months went by at an amazing pace and we wanted to share some of the edited highlights with you.

July saw AJ join the team, bringing with him project experience to help underpin a new urban greening business model. Sure, living walls and green facades are pretty, but that’s not all they are good for. From helping our lovely city regenerate and attract new investment and talent, through to providing us with unique mechanisms for back to work skills development and job opportunities. 6 months in and we now have a great supplier network, a cool and ever-expanding contact book and a number of very groovy projects already in the quote mix. In short, word is spreading, green shoots abound!

Later in July saw us out in the scorching heat of The Sandringham Flower Show with a few game veterans and The Princes Trust. Grow & Trust was a joint initiative where we gave 9 lucky youths a complete garden design and build experience. Judging by the Silver Gilt award we won and the new friends we made, it’s safe to say we did ok. You can see some of the great feedback from the young people here and we have pictures and the award hanging up on the hub hall wall – pride does not do justice to how we feel. Early discussions suggest we may get to return to the Sandringham field of dreams, watch this space!

On the funding side, a very well timed injection of support allowed us to continue our Monday and Wednesday Hub Friends gardening group. The value this activity brings is just incredible to see, simple daily confidence boosts through to much needed peace and recuperative space. Moreover, we love how the Hub (and its users) benefit from such straightforward, but essential, skills development and return to work activities. Win, Win, WIN! Proving beyond doubt that #TogetherWeGrowStronger

But hey, it’s not all spades and hedgerows you know! On the digital front we have a super swish, freshly revamped website and several social media platforms, including our very own YouTube channel (Spielberg beware). Come connect with us?

Website / Facebook / Twitter

And for those of you out there in cyberspace who are loving what we do and just wishing there was some way you could help out, well, funny you should say… We have a dedicated donate page with a little movie to  showcase some of our softer, supportive outcomes. And please don’t overlook us as a social enterprise, we have a well formed, poised and ever ready commercial wing hungry for projects. Our main work is in contract gardening, clearances, general landscaping and the funky realms of urban greening.

On the subject of contract gardening, our Mighty Men of Mow rounded off the year with their usual style and panache. Battling though one of the harshest summers on record to balance the needs of the local community with that of larger private works. Some tears (and some talc) were shared but in the end we came through smiling and we are now setting in place some major development plans for 2019. [inserts another teasing ‘watch this space’ here]

And last, but certainly not least on the Mow side of things. The Hub herb garden here at Bowthorpe is looking (and smelling) amazing thanks to an incredibly kind donation of plants, a lovely new lemon tree and lots of kind volunteer time. And, with thanks to the fabulous team at Longwater for helping us with materials, we now have another outdoor shelter, along with our fully functioning potting shed and lean-to. The plot just keeps on expanding, literally!