Together We Grow Stronger

We know from the feedback received from our participants that the service we provide is quite often no less than a lifeline. Just a friendly face, a cup of tea and a safe and relaxed environment can often be the incentive those feeling isolated need to break the cycle of loneliness. Our ethos means that we put no pressure on individuals to use our services. We offer the support and encouragement needed to take a step back into the community and towards future employment when someone is ready to do so. Our focus is always on the individual and their progress. We want the change they make to be self-sustainable and appropriate for them.

We believe that reconnecting people with food and the natural environment increases our general health and wellbeing, strengthens our communities and helps preserve our natural resources.

We specialise in working with individuals facing multiple barriers to social inclusion such as physical and mental health issues, drug and alcohol abuse, domestic violence, financial debt and social isolation. All our projects run from our base at Bowthorpe Community Hub.

Vital in today’s society is the awareness of the needs and contributions of others and the ability to maintain effective relationships, both at work and in the family. By putting people first we can achieve a better, safer and more secure future, improve education and employment prospects, enable people of all ages and walks of life to live independently and help create positive and sustainable social change.

From our Hub in Bowthorpe we deliver inspirational life changing, wellbeing activities and courses covering

  • Outdoor activity
  • Horticultural therapy
  • Healthy eating, diet and nutrition
  • Budgeting, personal finance and smart shopping

Experience has taught us that you can’t treat an individual or a problem in isolation; you have to look at the wider picture. We promote a culture of teamwork, peer mentoring and coaching. Our approach is geared towards tacking the roots of issues, learning how to identify strengths and develop personal goals enabling people to live independent lives.

Together We Grow Stronger

If you’re interested in taking part or know someone who is please email

OR call us on 01603 740107