A garden and property based service with a difference...
because every penny you spend with us is reinvested for social good


Activities in Bowthorpe, Norwich

Improve your health and wellbeing


Gain confidence, learn new skills
and give something back

Grow in the Community


Fire your imagination

Grow your mind

Together We Grow Stronger

MOW: Domestic and commercial garden clearance and maintenance services

GROW: Life changing activities to improve mental health and physical wellbeing

HUB: Currently being transformed into a vibrant eco hub to reconnect with self, others and nature

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0 Tonnes Recycled
  • On average 500 households per year received a gardening service enabling people to remain independent at home
  • Since October 2017 over 35 people have made positive and sustainable life changes
  • Volunteers contributed over 6000 hours of service in the community and at The Hub
  • We reuse or recycle over 90 tonnes of green waste annually and now we are upcycling pallets into house and garden accessories
  • Social Enterprise

    Responsible social businesses that change the world. Reinvesting any surplus in to community projects

  • Together We Grow Stronger

    Providing healthy living activities to civilians, veterans, and emergency services personnel with mental health and ptsd

  • Independent Living

    Providing garden clearance and maintenance services enabling people to remain and live independently at home.

  • Living Wage

    A Real Living Wage Employer motivates staff and provides the step from surviving to thriving.