A garden and property based service with a difference...
because every penny spent with us is reinvested for social good

Unplug at the Hub
for your 5 ways to Wellbeing

What we do

MOW:  Residential and commercial garden clearance,  maintenance, fencing, paving, weed control, grass and hedge cutting

THE GROW HUB: Unplug at the Hub for your 5 Ways to Wellbeing via nature, gardening, woodwork, arts and crafts

  • Social Enterprise

    Responsible social businesses that change the world. Reinvesting any profit in to community projects

  • 5 Ways to Wellbeing

    Providing positive mental health and wellbeing activities to civilians, veterans, and emergency services personnel

  • Independent Living

    Providing garden clearance and maintenance services enabling people to remain and live independently at home.

  • Social Return on Investment

    Involving stakeholders and valuing things that matter. Every £1 spent with us typically sees up to £14 social value return