“I’m 94 and wouldn’t be able to manage without them.  I’m very happy with the work they do.  They work really hard & do a fantastic job.  I’m disabled and it cheers me to look out at a nice garden.  They are wonderful.  Thank you for the service it makes a huge difference to me. Pleased with everything they do.”

“It takes the pressure off us knowing someone can come and keep on top of it.”

“Very happy, it’s brilliant.  They’re extremely polite, very helpful and always clear up after themselves.  We really appreciate it”

“On their last visit I had a fall and they stayed on site with me until the ambulance came.  Lovely bunch.”

“Thanks a lot, it makes a big difference to me although I do feel guilty that I can’t do it myself anymore.”

“I’d be lost without them, thank you.  It helps me live independently”

“Been absolutely fantastic!  I wouldn’t be able to do it at all.  It helps my mental health to look out onto a well kept garden.”

“Pleased with them.  It’s a big garden and I really can’t manage it any more. The boys are great and do a good job. Very happy, they take all the trimmings too!”

“Yes, they are very good and seem to have got better as they’ve gone on.”

I wanted to pass on a big heartwarming thank you to the wonderful people of Mow & Grow who have done a fantastic job with my garden. Compliments go to the politeness of the staff and the service.”

A garden and property based service with a difference
because every penny you spend with us is reinvested for social good