Grow Active

We strongly believe that physical activity shouldn’t be a chore – it should be fun and enjoyable.

Building self-confidence and self-esteem is fundamental to any young person’s development. Through successfully facing up to challenges, overcoming fears and apprehensions along the way, young people make major strides in confidence, with positive implications for all aspects of their development.

But it’s not just about young people. Keeping active as we grow older, sharing skills, learning new ones, socialising and physical activity plays a vital part in keeping our brain, bones, muscles and cognitive functions healthy.

A recent study conducted by researchers from the University of Essex and published by the mental health organisation Mind found that taking a walk in nature reduced depression scores in 71 percent of participants. Researchers compared the effect with a control group who also took a walk, but in a shopping centre. Only 45 percent of the shopping centre walkers had reduced depression scores, while 22 percent of them actually felt more depressed.

Nature Deficit Disorder

Reconnecting with green spaces can help lift depression, improve energy, and boost overall wellbeing and mental health. As American author Richard Louv says in his book The Nature Principle, people living in high-tech societies often suffer from what he calls “nature deficit disorder.”

Researchers suggest that contact with nature could be applied in early intervention as well as treatment, along with physical activity and social connectivity.

“The case example illustrates how ‘active,’ ‘social’ and ‘adventurous’ contact with nature may be combined with a treatment intervention to protect and enhance the health of individuals experiencing chronic mental, emotional and physical health difficulties,”

Together we Grow stronger

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