“I have enjoyed cooking and meeting new people. I think it (Back to Basics) should be 12 weeks instead of 6 and we should have it on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. I have enjoyed being outside and have really liked the support of all the staff”

“I have enjoyed learning about the environment and making new friends. Being here has helped with my anxiety. I like getting up in the morning and coming here, it gives me something to get up for. I like it (Back to Basics) because it makes me feel normal. I have learnt that I am expected to stick to rules, even if I don’t want to. I am learning boundaries. It has changed me as a person, for the better and has given me more confidence. We are treated like adults and they don’t talk to you like you’re five”

“I have enjoyed the cooking. I have enjoyed the food that they have offered and I like using the strimmer and lawnmower”

“It’s been great to learn new things in a fun and welcoming environment. I’ve really loved all of the cooking, in the kitchen and on the fire. I have really enjoyed learning how to prepare and cook recipes that I didn’t know before this course. I’ve been able to cook them at home! It’s also been good to get outside and do some gardening as I am starting from scratch. I think it would be good if the course was for more than two days a week, and for longer than 6 weeks as it is finished too quickly.

I started going to courses at the Grow Centre the first week I moved to Norwich and it’s been brilliant for me. All of the staff who work there are kind, patient and welcoming, with a great deal of combined knowledge to impart. Taking part in their Back to Basics course has been really good for me because I got a lot of enjoyment from cooking new meals, learning gardening skills and gaining knowledge about nature while making new friends. My confidence has grown along with my social skills as well.

The site itself is perfect for a vast range of activities and I would gladly recommend this course to anyone who was thinking about doing something like this. It’s great for beginners or for meeting new people. The Grow Centre and the Back to Basics course will benefit a lot of people”

“I have really enjoyed working outside, using the strimmer, and cooking outside. I wish the course ran for longer, and for more than 2 days a week. I liked the cooking because you learnt to cook healthy foods on a budget and know that it’s actually possible. There is a variety of things to do, you haven’t just got to do one bit.  It’s not just like ‘oh, you’ve got to do this all day.’ You can do cooking in the morning and something outside in the afternoon, and you’re not just given silly little kiddies toys to play with either, you get given proper tools and machinery to work with, like the lawnmowers”

“This week with Grow was superb! The team was very helpful and very professional on what to do. I would recommend this to anyone – your background doesn’t matter. This week gave me so much confidence and motivation”

“I loved this week. I loved meeting new people and I enjoyed the great group dynamic. The team was friendly and helpful. I would definitely recommend this course – the Prince’s Trust and The Grow Organisation”

“I had a really good week overall and it made a massive change for me to be outside and socialising with a group of people I’ve never met before let alone doing work and actually challenging myself. I did find it hard to start with and I wasn’t used to manual labour. I think doing this has helped with my confidence and anxiety – thanks for a great week!”

“Thank you so much for this experience. I wish the programme was longer as I wanted to do so much more. My confidence has grown so much; I would definitely recommend this course.”

“The Environments course was fantastic. I played a critical role in the Dell project including keeping calm and communicating. I will recommend this course to a good friend of mine.”

“Thank you so much for the opportunity to work on this course for the week. I’ve had a great experience and I would definitely encourage you to run it again! I love the variety of skills that have been shown to us and the knowledge will continue to be useful. The Grow centre has done an amazing job and would definitely have a lot more to offer a longer course. Thank you once again!”

“I’ve had a good week which has flown by. The course environment has been calming and I appreciate this was an opportunity for me to take. I enjoyed the projects that we managed to achieve over the week as they were a good mix of creative/ design, thinking, physical work and teaching me about gardening. I would recommend it highly for the experience and support involved. Many thanks for a great week.”

“Dear Prince’s Trust and Grow. I would recommend this course for people who are interested in environments and like improving the skills and who left college and are unemployed.”

“I would recommend this course because it’s good.”

“Thank you for a brilliant week with you all. I would have liked to do a bit more whittling as it brings out more of my creative side.”

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