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Cutting Crime, Cultivating futures...


The original Mow & Grow started in May 2006 as a horticultural neighbourhood watch project aimed at tackling crime and anti social behaviour in the local community. The project was so successful it expanded rapidly and we realised we could tackle some of society’s wider issues by working in partnership with the public, private and other third sector organisations. 

By listening to the requirements and interests of our service users and partners we expanded our gardening services to offer transferable skills in other industries. Each company in the Grow group operates as its own social enterprise allowing flexibility for an individual to experience one or more industries, gain invaluable experience and recognised training and qualifications ready to move into the world of work with more confidence and the skills to make it happen.

The majority of our workforce started as volunteers and placements themselves so we know firsthand how difficult it is re-entering the workplace after a period of unemployment. This experience is a key factor supplying motivation to change situations, increased self confidence, helping move individuals forward in life, encouraging activity and discovering hidden talents.

We firmly believe everyone deserves a second chance and operate an open door policy encouraging open, honest and transparent communication as it is proven to elicit effective change in an individual, a company and the community.

Our goal is to continuously support and deliver innovative partnership work, provide real work experience, recognised qualifications and employment to those who are disadvantaged in the labour market.